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Abacus wine rack series

1. abacus wine rack01 (2012) _ walnut, stainless steel / 620 x 480 x 1670(h)
2. abacus wine rack02 (2012) _ walnut, yellow cedar(red stain) / 480 x 480 x 750(h)
3. abacus wine rack03 (2012) _ maple, yellow cedar(red stain) / 860 x 400 x 880(h)
4. abacus wine rack04 (2013) _walnut, stainless steel / 620 x 480 x 1240(h)

It is a wine rack designed with an abacus motif. Abacus is ‘Ju-Pan’ in Korean and ‘Ju’ originally means tree branches. The branches are the beads on the abacus and used for counting.
As the letter, ‘Ju’, is used for different words with different meanings in Korean, I saw ‘Ju’ as alcoholic beverages and expressed the abacus beads after the shape of Korean traditional drinking cups.
In addition, by likening the abacus frame made of a thin sheet of wood to Sabang Tahkja which is called the modernist four-sided table among traditional furniture, I expressed my Abacus Sabang Tahkja
(abacus four-sided wine rack) as a piece of furniture holding bottles of wines.

주판와인꽂이는 주판을 모티브로 디자인된 와인꽂이이다. 주판에서 주는 '술주'를 , 판은 사방탁자를 의미한다.
주판알은 조선시대 막사발의 형태를 차용하여 원목에 백자색 도장을 하였으며, 주판알이 움직이는 원리를 이용하여 다양한 크기의 와인을 수납 할 수 있다. 사방탁자는 월넛을 사용하여 조선시대 전통제작기법인 짜임으로 제작되었다.

디자인출원 30-2013-0002385
abacus wine rack01
abacus wine rack 02
abacus wine rack 03
abacus wine rack 04
Seoul Design Festival 2012
Living Design Fair 2013청주공예비엔날레_low.jpg
Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2013
Masion & Objet , PARIS 2013
ADDLIP Exhibition Series 2014