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Corner mirror hanger
corner mirror hanger (2010) _ ash, stainless steel,mirror / 600 x 600 x 1700(h)

By locating it at the corner that would otherwise never be used,
Corner mirror hanger makes the best use of a corner and the corner wall plays a role as a built-in closet so that clothing does not show from the outside.
The full-length mirror functions not only as a regular mirror but also as a door to the closet. Besides, the esthetically designed wheels also make it easy to move the hanger around and to well utilize the space.
Corner mirror hanger applied some of the concept of the mirror and cabinet of the traditional dressing mirror stand, and the rhythmical curves and simple lines of “Gobi”, the traditional wall hanger of documents
or letters stored by ancient scholars. It redesigned the traditional finish in a modern way by using birch hardwood and plywood, and stainless steel pipes. The hardwood forms the exposed external part,
giving the structure a sense of warmth while the stainless steel pipes are naturally separated by acting as a framework. The kind of wood and the cabinet are also optional.