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Doggy lightinh & table
1.doggy lightinh(2003) _ fluorescent lamp, steel pipe / 325 x 1200 x 450(h)
2.table(2003) _ acrylic, aluminium pipe / 1600 x 1900 x 730(h)

doggy lamp
It has steel-framed legs on which a fluorescent light sits. While it was originally designed to play
a role as a display light illuminating under the folding table,
Doggy lighting can also be used at home as a regular lamp. The caps at both ends of the fluorescent light
can be separated from the main body frame and the legs can be inserted into the body.

It is a folding portable table designed to be used at exhibitions to display something on.
By fixing an acrylic slab with an aluminum frame, it was made as light as possible. It is connected with aluminum bottom frame by processed rubber pipes and stoppers for installation, providing the detail