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giwa series

giwa series 2018

This exhibition shows the second pieces of the “giwa series” and this time, it is about today’s story.
While the previous pieces of the giwa series reinterpreted and regenerated the pieces of Korea’s traditional furniture used to be in Sarangbang (guest rooms) during the Joseon Dynasty into furniture for people in modern times to use in their daily lives, this exhibition combines the giwa motif with commonly used modern furniture such as tables, desks, chairs and sofas. The proportions of the arched frames, which is a reinterpreted image of “giwa (traditional Korean tiles)”, and modern furniture naturally create complete formativeness and structure which organically harmonizes with today’s living space and contemporarily interacts with its users.

1. giwa desk _walnut, stainless steel / 900 x 1930 x 730(h)
2. giwa chair 01 _walnut, stainless steel / 407 x 447 x 850(h)
3. giwa chair 02 _walnut, stainless steel / 400 x 400 x 815(h)
4. giwa table _walnut, stainless steel / 3400 x 900 x 750(h)
5. giwa floor stand _ walnut, stainless steel / 250 x 230 x 1500(h)
6. giwa low table _ walnut, stainless steel / 600 x 1200 x 320(h)
7. giwa lounge chair 01_ walnut, stainless steel / 650 x 650 x 570(h)
8. giwa lounge chair 02_ walnut, stainless steel / 580 x 625 x 570(h)
9. giwa lamp _ walnut, stainless steel / 170 x 202 x 400(h)포스터.jpg
giwa series 2018 desk 05-1.jpg
giwa desk desk03.jpg desk02.jpg desk04.jpg desk00.jpg chair03.jpg
giwa chair01 chair04.jpg chair01.jpg
giwa chair02 chair02.jpg table low2.jpg
giwa table series.jpg table detail.jpg stand.jpg
giwa stand & tea table stand 03.jpg stand 04.jpg sofa02.jpg
giwa lounge chair sofa01-1.jpg lounge chair 02.jpg lounge chair01.jpg lounge chair 03.jpg lamp02.jpg
giwa lamp lamp04.jpg lamp01.jpg lamp05.jpg